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Need help with turning off "Reduced engine power" message on DIC

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  • Need help with turning off "Reduced engine power" message on DIC

    I am looking for the GM message(s) that are needed to turn off the Reduced Engine Power message that appears on the drivers information center on a 98 Corvette. I only need the J1850 messages that might do it. I only have the cluster and an ELM322 interface, no vehicle to sniff. I have found just about all the other messages needed to display and turn off DIC messages, just have not been able to find that one.

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    I know resetting the ECU (removing the battery for ~5 minutes) usually resets this code, but I'm not familiar with the J1850 messages that it would need. Maybe if there is a code to reset the ECU?
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      There is no ECU. That is the problem. I am working on a project that has a ELM interface to drive a gauge console. So without the ECU and other systems the Reduced Power message gets sent. I need to know what message(s) are needed to clear it.