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Trying to embed dashcommand in Windows 7

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  • Trying to embed dashcommand in Windows 7

    Okay I have the trial of Dashcommand. Before I buy it I want to make sure it meets my standards. I am attempting to embed it in windows. That means no title bar or frame. I am running a 10.4" touchscreen in portrait and have Centrafuse running on the top part and am trying to get obdii/gauges on the bottom. I googled already and haven't found any hacks to remove the windows frame.

    I could use some help on this one


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    If you go to Settings inside DashCommand, there is a checkbox for Fullscreen mode. This removes the title (and other) bars.

    I have never used CentraFuse, but I'll bet it is a feature of CentraFuse.

    We also have these command line flags to help you embed it:

    Maybe this might help you out too:


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      Yes I have found the embed commands and use them. I do not want full screen mode as it covers up Centrafuse. I would like it to run separately below Centrafuse. I have had some success in finding a program called WinExplorer

      It does exactly what I want it to with the exception that it cannot save settings or I have yet to find out how to.


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        Well here is someone that was able to do it:

        It must be possible, I just haven't used CentraFuse so I don't know exactly how to do it. Maybe commenting on that YouTube video could get you some answers?

        Let us know what you are able to work out.