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How to turn off/on the car ignition

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  • How to turn off/on the car ignition

    I am developing an anti-carjacking system and I'm stuck on the main feature!

    How do I send the order to turn off/on the car ignition to the ICU (Ignition Control Unit) or the ECU (Engine Control Unit), or any other method, in order to immobilize the vehicle?

    Someone can help me?
    Any help is precious. Thanks.

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    The order to what? A car pc? An alarm system? A phone? A relay?

    What kind of car? What type of system? How does it work, or how do you want it to work?

    There's no way someone can provide a specific answer to such a general question.
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      This is how the factory anti-theft system works on a modern BMW:
      The anti-theft system is needed to enable the engine to start. There's nothing to turn it off, except for the ignition key.

      BMW has 3 or 4 different anti-theft systems, therefor 3 or 4 different ways to communicate with the engine management systems. Every other make has other methods - possibly more than 1 per make.