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"ECU Tracker" - Flexible OBD2/SSM/LC1 display Software /w real-time MPG

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  • "ECU Tracker" - Flexible OBD2/SSM/LC1 display Software /w real-time MPG

    Some might recall JDash, my first attempt at InCarPC software.
    Others might remember JDash-Mobile. a rewrite of JDash that ran on select Java enabled mobile devices.

    Now, my 3rd run at OBD2 software...
    "ECU Tracker"

    There is also a quick YouTube screen capture of it running on my InCarPC.
    What you see is my LC1 Wideband on the left, and the Subaru SSM Protocol on the right.

    It's designed to run on J2ME Enabled mobile devices and InCarPCs.
    There is an Android Port in the works. Currently, to run this on Android you need to install the J2ME Android Library. There is a link on the download page at the site.

    Quick Feature List:
    • Runs on any J2ME (Java) Enabled Mobile device.
    • InCarPC friendly (Windows, Linux, Mac)
    • ELM327 / OBD2 Support
    • Subaru SSM Support
    • Innovate LC1 Wideband Support
    • User definable gauges, and layout
    • Free!

    Ok.. I have to fess up... although the software is pretty stable, it is in fact still in Alpha.
    And the site, as you can see, still needs work. I fix bugs, and add features as I find the free time.
    But, rest assured, the core functionality of ECU Tracker is in place.

    It's 100% freeware, both the use of the site and the software.
    I'm a big proponent of Open Source projects, so this is an attempt to help give back.

    The Main Site is intended to help people track the Mileage and Maintenance on their vehicles.
    It does this through either TXT messages, or the mobile friendly version of the site.

    But, the main site is also home to "ECU Tracker".
    Simple really...
    • Download ECU Tracker to your phone (or InCarPC).
    • Use the web site to configure your device layout.
    • Tell ECU Tracker to fetch your new configuration

    Please feel free to give it a try. I welcome feed back and criticisms.
    Just remember, There is still work ongoing in both the site, and the software.
    I suppose one could say that with almost any site though. But, there really is a fair bit more to be done on the site. For one, the Documentation is really lacking. Sorry.. I promise to get working on that ASAP!
    That said, the software appears a bit more stable than the site right now.


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    This looks interesting. I've been using RomRaider dashboard and Sawmill to display my SSM parameters, but they both are limited to digital output. I like the ability to customize the display. I installed on my carPC this morning. I'll let you know how it goes.


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      ^ Awesome! Hope it works on your setup!!


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        This looks great! I have my LC-1 setup along w/ a scantool...cant wait to try this tonight


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          Just what I have been looking for,will let you know how I get on once I get my laptop back. Will be trying it out on a 2007 JDM Subaru Kei car .


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            Awesome!! Keep me in the loop.
            I really want to try and keep this software as compatible with as many vehicles as possible!!


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              Freaking sexy. I'm excited to get my In car PC done so I can try this out!


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                Oh, I hope you dont mind, but a link to this info is going into my journal on IWSTi.


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                  ^ Mind?.. you kidding!!


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                    I finally got everything running successfully on my carPC. Thanks for the help. It seems to be very responsive using the SSM protocol. And it has enough different gauge types (analog, digital, etc.) to keep me happy. The online gauge builder is awesome. Good job.


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                      The complete journal is here

                      The post mentioning your software is here

                      If the COBB AP wont do what I want it to, I'll be buying a tactrix and running your software without a doubt. Heck, if I could get the COBB AP to run with your software I'd still run it. Solutions online for this stuff is not forthcoming, and it looks like I'll have to wait until I get home from deployment and test it all out on my laptop. Then finalize the build plan and start buying.

                      I'm loving your software and I hope it makes a big hit. Maybe if my build for my car actually went anywhere, people would learn about your software. LOL. If you're worried about exposure, you could always register to both IWSTI and NASIOC and make a thread in their ECU management sections.

                      Best wishes


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                        ^ Glad you got it running wi77. There are more gauge types in the works too!

                        ^@fujiwara: I saw your build thread in iwsti. Nice writeup by the way! And thanks for the exposure. I've been on Nasioc since 2000, and indeed have started a thread about this sofware. Just a matter of people seeing it now. I have an iwsti account too, but have not posted anything yet. Considering the owner of iwsti (Kevin) also owns a site that I moderate for him (, I should just get go post in iwsti! As for the AccessPort, If I can get my hands on their protocol, I should be able to write a module that allows ECUTracker to also show AccessPort display info. It's just a matter of time! Something I lack enough of. haha

                        P.S. You might want to mention, that although I did indeed post the software here on, I'm a die-hard Subaru Owner, and a long time member of Really the first place this software was released.


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                          Ha, I'm on nasioc and also. Been looking for a GC to DD LOL. I wish you had an AP /cry. I'm sure that their protocol isnt that crazy, reinventing the wheel is stupid. I wish I could do some testing with my laptop right now, and I'll have to update that post to let them know you're a subie nut and not just some schmuck who likes computers way too much. I'm probably going to save that post for another day though... gotta spread out the posts and get some exposure instead of posting 5 things in 1 day, 1 thing every day for 5 days will get more views.


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                            It's worse than that.. I'm a schmuck who loves Computers AND Cars!!
                            I'm doomed!
                            P.S. I just added the ability to demo the actual application online, without even doing a full install.
                            You still need Java installed, but now you can launch a demo of the app through Java-Webstart.
                            You can also demo your personalized online configurations too.


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                              ECUTrackker looks great! No scantool to play with it yet.
                              MobileThree: in car - Zotac Atom/ION - linuxICE 2.0.2