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  • Canbus j1939

    I have a teltonica FM4100, it is a GPS vehicle tracker, fleet management device. The device says it can be connected to any vehicle that uses the Canbus J1939 protocol. i'm just wondering if anyone would know what wires I would use for can h and can l on a vw crafter, and are these wires all pretty common on vw's and audi's? Also would anyone know what wires the can h and l are on the obd plug? and what would the CAN ID and Mask ID be for fuel tank level?



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    i really don't think your vw is j1939 as thats the standard for transport trucks newer than 2007 before that was j1708 and the j1939 uses canbus but its not the same as your obd2 canbus, hope this helps you out SNO


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      A Crafter isn't a transport... its a large passenger van. I could not find it anywhere if for sure it was j1939 protocol but I thought it was. and one website put it in a class with other j1939 vehicles. Any idea how I could find out for sure either way?



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        yes i saw that its like a sprinter type vehicle i thought you said you had an obd2 plug on that truck as most sprinter type trucks here in NA have obd2. look for your diagnostic port around drivers area if obd2 it will be a 16 pin trapezodal type shape j1939 has a 9pin round deutsch connector and j1708 would be 6pin round deutsch connector. here is a good link to info on j1939 hope this helps SNO


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          J1939 typically only used on on-highway trucks school buses and RVs.
          US EPA forces automotive uses OBD/compatible protocols.
          Now Even the marine market has been forced to use Marine OBD protocols too (since 2007? not sure).

          And for J1939, a connector like this will be present:

          The following cable illustrates how the truck diagnostic connector is connected to ECU and power supply:
          CBL-CAN-485-02: CAN / J1939 Cable with A DB9 Female Connector, HD10 Serial 9-way Deutsch Receptacle and Power Jacket

          You will need cable like this to connect to the truck:

          CBL-CAN-485-03: CAN /J1939 Cable with DB9 Female Connector and 9-way Round Threaded Plug:

          Or sth like the following (they all have the right 9 pin connector to mating with the one present on the trucks):
          CBL-CAN-05: Au SAE J1939 9-pin Deutsch Cable:

          CBL-CAN-06: Au SAE J1939 9-pin Deutsch Y-Cable:

          CBL-CiA102-01: J1939 diagnostic cable for CiA DS-102 devices:


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            Thank you for all the information and pictures. Ok I was told that the VW transporter was J1939 but now i would have to believe that it is not. and only large vehicles trucks busses etc would have that protocol. would the can L and can H wires be the same on all vehicles on that round plug?

            here is the picture of the plug on the transporter, i would guess that it is a OBD plug and that would mean that it is not J1939??

            thank you!
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              yes thats obd type plug, you might want to try obd2 type diagnostic dongle as i have had success with the cheap bluetooth dongle from dealextreme on my daughters 2002 cabrio and gave all sorts of info including error codes ect. SNO