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What diagnostics cable & software for BMW 2.5 TD 1995

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  • What diagnostics cable & software for BMW 2.5 TD 1995

    Hello all

    I'm looking to buy a diagnostic device to plug into the 20 pin socket under the bonnet.

    There is no OBD1 / 2 socket in the car as it it PRE 1996.

    However I can buy an adapter - 16 pin OBD2 to 20 pin BMW.

    1) Which would allow me to connect the OBD2 end to a OBD2 handheld device.

    2) Alternatively I could connect the OBD2 cable end to a VAG com type cable with the USB on it, so I could plug the usb into a laptop & the 20 pin end into the BMW.



    Or buy a kit as follows:


    I know the VAG com cable is for the volks/audi/seat groups, but if i linked it to the 20 pin bmw cable & had the right software I'm sure it would work.

    I presume its the diagnostic SOFTWARE on the disc that gets the cable working etc.

    I look forward to any replies.

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    There's no 16-pin socket because the car is pre-2004.
    Diesels in Europe only had to comply to EOBD starting at 1st. January 2004.
    You'll need something like Carsoft for this one.


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      I already know there's no 16 pin plug in the car as my opening thread post states.

      Please read the post properly.


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        Unfortunately the ONLY thing that will work with 100% sertanty on your car is a CarSoft 6.5 (or newer) kit. This is the same tool BMW mechanincs use.

        For a long time CarSoft only used serial connection, and where quite pickey on the USB->Serial adapters.

        Carsoft: Home Edition


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          Have you read my post? Especially the last word of the 1st sentence?
          Have you read the 3rd line? I know that's not what you want to hear, but that's how it is.

          You have had a similar answer on another forum. Now you can ask the question on 10 more forums, the answer is still the same.
          You need BMW-specific software. There's no cheap solution.


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            ^^ As I said earlier... The only thing that will work for reading fault codes and resetting them is original software and equipment.

            Though. I do know of people that have been able to use "taiwan special" hardware, but the still needed to use CarSoft's software.


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              Did somebody try revers protocol(s) on BMW ?
              Why there is no cheaper solution ? Is there some type of crypting ?


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                What about BMW & MINI DIS (v57) SSS (v32) and BMW TIS (v8) someone suggested this would work or cover the car I want to use it on.

                I have heard of people buying the VAG cable (see pic in 1st post) then connecting it to the BMW cable (see pic 1st post) - so you have a USB connector one end & 20 pin socket the other.

                You connect the VAG OBDII cable male end to the BMW adaptor OBDII female socket.

                Basically you link the 2 cables together.

                Then via the above software DIS v57 or the carsoft 6.5 software you can access the car.


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                  Yes, I reversed engineered the BMW protocols for several manufacturers of aftermarket scanners. But that is an entirely different price class - a lot more expensive than Carsoft.
                  You can buy Carsoft for a few hunderd euro. Professional aftermarket scanners are several thousand.


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                    Easiest and most cost-effective route is the FCX3 ( which plugs straight into the port.


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                      Nice piece of equipment from Peake.
                      Except the manual has no listings for diesel fault codes.
                      Rather useless here I think.


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                        Hi again p2psmurf,

                        Maybe you are looking at the US version of the manual?

                        The European version listed the diesel fault codes


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                          ok.. i know im a bit late, but have just started gettin in2 this as Im lookin to fit my car out.. and im lookin at this obd ii stuff...

                          so im from australia,, have a 97 323 with no obd plug under the dash..

                          how ever.. i have the 20pin round plug under the bonnet.. I work at a car yard and we have a snap on computer that cost about 18grand for diagnosing many MANY cars.. when I connect this computer 2 my car using the round 20 pin connector.. i gives me information like the following....

                          coolant temp
                          oil temp
                          oil pressure
                          throttle position
                          co2 intake
                          etc etc

                          so.. i would have 2 say something like with the adapter plug will work.. i see no reason why it would not work.


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                            Gary, the reason it doesn't work is because the communication method used by the interface is not supported by the ecu. Not on your '97 323 ans most certainly not by a 1995 diesel. It's not required by law, so BMW didn't add the support.
                            Look at this way: the car's engine ecu only speaks German and the OBD2 interface is asking questions in English. You won't get an answer that way.
                            Your Snap-on talks German to your car, that's why you can see the data.


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                              the Underdog BMW-Software

                              The Underdog BMW-Software is EasyCarCom.