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Devs: How does the CF OBDII scanner/logger work?

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  • Devs: How does the CF OBDII scanner/logger work?

    I found a very interesting document that explains the process of connecting to an OBDII device.

    This document is also required to be read in conjunction with the above:

    So, CF Devs, does CF comply with this?

    The reason why I ask is that I want to build an OBD<-->OBDII translation layer for CF so that my OBDI car can report OBDII information to CF.

    One of the things I need to know is what does CF expect when it talks to the OBDII interface? If CF does the same as what is sdescribed in this document, then I can use it as my blueprint.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Dangerous, I don't see how the documents are relevant. They describe the operation of a test analyzer, which is a special application.

    CF was originally written for the ElmScan 5, which is an ELM327-based interface. So in order to do what you want, you would need to emulate the ELM327, and have your routines convert the values you get from OBDI, into OBDII messages in ELM327 format. Shouldn't be too hard. Several folks (including myself) have written utilities to emulate the ELM chip, and the task is made easier by the fact that you only need to support a part of the command set that the CF is actually using.

    Good luck.
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      I hope nobody takes offense at this, but as a confirmed CF fanboy and occasional contributor, I would ask this: Have you LOOKED at the OBDII plugin for Centrafuse? It's pretty lame. It's also a plugin, which means that OBDII is not part of the Centrafuse core. You can write your own plugin anyway you need to and simply replace the existing plugin.

      That's what I'd wait, that's what I did. I just use Touchscan embedded as an external app.

      [edit] I'm speaking of CF3.x, as I don't remember if CF2.x uses a separate OBDII plugin.