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OBD II ELM 327 1,2a problem

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  • OBD II ELM 327 1,2a problem

    Hi to all.
    I bougth OBD II 327 1.2a. I installed OBD II sot 2.2 and it does not work. I have only the message: "Interface communication error/ OBDII time out. " I put com3.
    Is that mean that the OBDII device is not good or....?
    I have Toyota Corolla 1999 automatic.
    I'll apriciate any suggestion. Thank you!

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    Hi edidia,

    1. First of all, are you sure the Corolla is OBD-II?
    2. Make sure you use the correct COM, is it blutooth device? If yes make sure you pair the device and the pc.
    3. Have you tried any other OBD-II interface and is it working?
    4. If you have windows mobile phone available, try OBDGauge, it should work
    5. If not, try Digimoto, easy OBD to see what happens.



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      Actually it is a FAKE bought in


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        How can i know if my Corolla is good for OBD II ELM 327? Thank you!


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          yestarday i opened it and i didn;t found any ELM 327 controler. Chip that i found was another one PIC18F2480... I thik that's why it did not work out...


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            Well its not an ELM but who cares? I have the same and it is working great! I am developing my own app right now and it does all I need..

            From what I read from the net I guess it is obd2.. Try one of the programs I told you.. And tell me if it is bluetooth or not.. If yes make sure you pair the device first..


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              doesn't have any bluetotth


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                Message deleted


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                  Well, you know its illegal to do that, you should try purchasing it..


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                    yes i can but waht if this device doesn't work.


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                      From Section II.E.5 of the forum rules:

                      5. Illegal activities

             will not tolerate any use of the forums to facilitate any illegal activities. Links to websites that share illegal software, music, movies, or other data are not permitted. Links to private FTP sites with illegal content are also not permitted. Discussions on how to circumvent software registration & activation, workarounds for software copy-protection, hardware hacks to bypass safety features and other discussions of obviously illegal activity will not be permitted.

                      Do not request or discuss illegal activities, including asking for software activation keys.

                      Try the trial, or try other ELM compatible software. If none of it works and you are sure your car is OBD2 compliant, then I would suspect the tool. Cheap chinese tools often don't work with some cars.
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                        Yes i know this. Anyway i found one, it worked but my device did not work.


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                          Hi edidia,

                          An ELM327 is a PIC microcontroler with a firmware inside so it seems ok for me.
                          Your toyota should compatible, depending where you're come from... We have designed a software to exploit ELM interface, so you can try to use it.

                          Check our website here ->

                          If you have any matter, a log will be create by the software, then send us it.

                          PS: I'm not a native English speaker, so be cool , the website is surely full of misspelling