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My custom DSM/Stealth OBD1 / MUT2 scanner

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  • My custom DSM/Stealth OBD1 / MUT2 scanner

    I decided to make a custom OBD1 scanner for my car. Mitsubishi's OBD1 found on Stealths/3000GTs/DSM communicate differently than let's say GMs, so information on this is hard to come by. But nevertheless, I did manage to make it work. I can scan many ECU items, scan Check Engine Light error codes (in English instead of a number), and clear them. I hate having a cluttered interior, so I installed my wideband O2, and boost gauge information on there as (WBO2, PSI). Knock information is pretty important for us tuners, so I put that up there too.

    Next I wanted to get rid of my greddy profec boost controller and free up some more clutter. Check, that's done. Now that I have two technologies merged into one thing (scanner and boost controller), I can do something new, which is lower the turbo boost pressure if the engine is knocking.

    My friend wanted one for his car, but his car didn't communicate with OBD1. His 94 Stealth RT/TT communicated in Mitsubishi's MUT2 protocol found on (94-99 3000GTs/Stealths), and also found on DSM (97-99). After studying the MUT2 diagnostic protocol, I can pull the same OBD1 information such as Knock, Timing, Fuel Trims, etc. So I made one unit for him too.

    Anyone with a tuned car needs to keep an eye that their tune is still good between season changes. So I gave this scanner/boost controller another job. It monitors the tune, and if the tune starts drifting to a dangerous lean condition it will flash the screen red and alert the driver, and then followup with the information he needs to rectify it (such as Knock, WBO2 AFR, Boost PSI, and RPM location).

    Earlier video of it in action, I've changed the menus around a bit since then.
    YouTube - MyLCDproject

    Video showing the config menu, and exploring a bit.
    YouTube - ConfigMenu.wmv

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    Man, this is just what I need so I dont have to keep my laptop in my car all the time. Interested in maing another on for my 95 eclipse? If so, pm me a price.


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      Obd 1 ?

      I have a 1993 3000gt with fiberglass hood new fiberglass side skirts and fiberglass front end and back end. I also have a digital dash panel and in the process of building a dash from scratch. I have 20 years car audio installation background but would love to remove the digital dash and install a 12 inch screen with digital display of the obd 1 can you help me with the software of this and the input of the obd 1?


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        tom04841: The 95-96 DSM communicates differently -- I won't have that done till a few months later.

        jontheinstaller: Are you using a PC for the screen? I can point you to the right direction for making a cable and OBD1 software requests.


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          yes I will be using a pc
          Thanks for the help