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VDO seed key algo

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  • VDO seed key algo

    Hi everybody;
    i need vdo dashes seed key algo for vw group
    can you help me?

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    I'm not 100% sure what you're asking; is this something the manufacturer usually keeps secret, similar to DRM or equivalent?

    If it is, that's the sort of discussion not entirely welcome on these forums.
    If not, please could you clarify what this is?

    Gary (-;
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      this is an algo to calculate key value using seed
      can you help?

      05 12 1B 96 01 03
      0D 13 1B EA E2 11 38 5A 37 96 72 03 00 03 //seed
      0E 14 1B 96 02 07 xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx 03 //key
      03 15 09 03


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        0E 14 1B 96 02 07 81 3A 71 B4 CA B0 01 00 03


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          i know the Algo too

          i know the Algo too

          what is your Response to 1B 84.

          There is not only one Algo.


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            1B 84 its another generation, but no problem calculate response for this packet...

            if anybody interest for seed/key algo 3th gereation, cost only 3000 i decode this algo 6 month :-(


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              okey i find the algo but now i need another one for audi a3 2005 dashboard. i can read its ram using my seed/key algo but i can't read its eprom there is another seed/key algo for it.
              Do you know anything about this algo
              Please contac me.
              Best Regards