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  • Help with OBD II bluetooth

    Hey guys, I have the following problem. I have a PC installed in the car and I bought a bluetooth ELM327, the issue is that the pc detects it but I never asked for the password (0000 manufacturing is ), then I can not connect to the Centrafuse. Probe with a Nokia mobile phone and if he asks me the password. Know if there is any way to manually put the pass? I have Windows 7.

    PS: sorry for the language, use a translator. I am Argentine.

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    Sounds like a defective Bluetooth module to me.
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      I do not think, connect various things to the pc with that module. You need only put the password for obd II .... but not how.


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        I've programmed for this particular piece of hardware - and it is really err.. not defective but abit nonstandard.

        This particular BT ELM adapter does not report that it can support BT Serial Port profile (but it supports of course). Thus, MS stack can't assign COM port on it. Also, some software fails to connect it.

        Technically, you have to explicitly specify channel "0" when opening BT serial profile. I don't know if your software allows to specify this.

        In my software (hobd) I explicitly support a workaround for this bug.


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          ELM 327 is not connecting.

          Hi piojoso69,
          I know its too late to reply, but it is just for the information of others who are facing the same problem and not getting any solution.

          I too faced the same issue, but I resolved it, here is the steps:

          Go to the bluetooth configuration --> Accessibility, and check the "Let other devices discover this device" if it is not selected.

          After this when you try to pair, it will ask for a pairing password (0000 or 1234 or 5678 based on device).