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CAN Mode 0x06 Multi-line messages

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  • CAN Mode 0x06 Multi-line messages

    I am building for CAN protocol an ECU. When I send the request of the parameter 1 of the mode 6, which it is supports for my ECU, 02 06 01 00 00 00 00 00.
    The response according to the example of the SAEJ1979 must be:
    46 01 01 0A 06 60 06 60 06 60

    Where 01: OBDMID
    01 Standardised Test Id
    0A Unit And Scaling Id: Voltage
    06 60 Test Value
    06 60 Minimum Test Limit
    06 60 Maximum Test Limit

    The problem is that in the CAN frame I can transmit 7 data bytes.

    I have tried to send 06 46 01 01 0A 06 60 AA

    Followed by one:
    05 46 06 60 06 60 AA AA. But the tester does not interpret anything.

    How are bytes followed in CAN transmitted? Is necessary some flow control frame as for example in the mode 9 that 7E0 30 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 is used?

    Note: the first byte of the showed messages indicates the number of additional bytes that go in the message.

    Thank you!!

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    Which version of J1979 do you have? Mode $06 for CAN is described in great detail in the current version.
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      I have SAEJ1979 REV. APR2002.
      Is there some more recent version?


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        Yes, a version from 2007 with a lot of new pids and a new service ($0a) and a version from 2010.


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          HI p2psmurf. How can I obtain these new versions?


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              Thank you Aberk, but free?


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                Other than buy from the SAE? NO idea.


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                  Hi all,

                  Opsss, there is a new version. I've bought the 2007 may revision there is one year ago, and I'm not so much enthusiasm to buy the new one...

                  Mode 0A is already included in the 2007 revision...

                  Somebody can tell me where find revision history?
                  How many page fot the 2010 version?

                  Thanks ahead of time!


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                    Originally posted by remus08 View Post
                    Somebody can tell me where find revision history? How many page fot the 2010 version?
                    In each publication, a black bar in the margin indicates areas that contain technical changes (as opposed to english/editorial changes). As far as I know, there's no other sort of revision history. Here's a page with lots of contact info to ask these questions though:

                    I agree it's annoying if you just purchased the 2007 publication, but it's about $60 and that won't break the bank.