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Mode 6 response with CAN protocol

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  • Mode 6 response with CAN protocol

    Hi everybody!! I I have a doubt, I hope that you could help me.
    I am using CAN protocol, when I transmit to the response mode 6 OBDMID 01 (Oxygen Sensor Monitor Bank1 - Sensor 1) with Test ID 01 (rich to lean sensor threshold voltage) and unit: Voltage (0x0A). I am sending 7E8 8 06 46 01 01 0A 06 60 AA, followed for 7E8 8 06 46 01 60 06 60 06 AA where Test Value is 06 60 (in hexadecimal), Minimum test limit 06 60 and Maximum test lmit 06 60. My tester (scanMaster software) donīt detect anything. Why? Because of?

    Thanks you!!

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    Something to help others decipher the above question

    Sorry i just had to post that
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      I think it doesn't work like that. The diagnosis tool ask for the OBDMID it want and the ECU reponse with all TIDs supported by the current OBDMID.
      Something the frame is quite long when lot of TIDs but for really understand that we have to study the standard.