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Rewiring a car: some ideas

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  • Rewiring a car: some ideas

    I've run across two pieces of information lately on totally replacing the wiring on a vehicle.

    The first was posted up on Make: Online a few days ago and is about a gentleman who rewired his '69 GTO sorta old school, by using structured wiring similar to they way you would wire up a building. THe articles on this are at Make:More On The IPod-Controlled GTO and also here at Jalopnik: Electronics Whiz Controls 69 Pontiac GTO With iPod Touch.

    The second place I've found information is at isis, which is selling a more sophisticated can bus based rewiring solution. Their site is here.

    It's interesting to see the different methods you can use to accomplish the same thing.

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    Sorry - I got bored with the youtube (say me with my short posts!).
    It reminds me of a multiplex system I used decades ago - a single power loop with takeoffs for different loads (fuel pumps, fans, flashers, brake lights, etc).
    In practice a few extra power power lines etc were added for redundancy and security.
    Oddly enough, a major consideration was security - ie, resistance to jamming, interference, EMP etc.

    Later the control method was a toss up between fibre-optic and twisted pair....

    But I still worry when I see such "recent hi-tech" systems link to diode-fkn-isolators for batteries. How primitive is that?
    It's almost as primitive the security and having non-user configurable overrides & mods on modern systems (CAN, new HUs, HO alternators, overrides for stability-controls, ABS, auto-wipers & lights...).

    All IMHO of course....