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have interface but what software will run it?

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  • have interface but what software will run it?

    I have a Novalux usb-diag2p connecter(which I can find nothing online about) that I use for my work computer which has DDT2000. I would like to find a generic software that i can download and use on my gf's 2006 Saturn Vue to do some more indepth investigating. Maybe I'm not making sense, but shouldn't this be something that can be done?

    Why? Check engine light is on. The autozone Actron scanner did not show any codes. I see lots of people online saying things along the same lines, especially if it is just an O2 sensor or a gas cap.

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    I couldn't find any information on the scantool you posted. Is it ELM-based? If not, you may have to use the special software that came with it.
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      i looked in the device manager this morning and it is listed as "derelek diagnostic USB interface 2" not sure if it is an elm based device? does that help any?


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        internet shows that it uses an FT232 component. this derelek tool does KL and CAN. DDT2000 is only Renault/Nissan but I was hoping another program could use the interface for other models.
        found a simliar one at "" but remove the ""
        It's an expensive unit so I would think it is capable of some neat stuff?