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Initialization issues K-line.

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  • Initialization issues K-line.

    Hey all,

    as you can proberly see im new on here but i have browsed this forum many of times finding lots of useful information. .

    Anyways basicly i have been trying to make a program and hardware to communicate with my OBD2 renault clio.

    I have managed to make some hardware and software to work with my nissan so thought would give my renualt ago.

    So getting started i have made up some hardware that converts the rs232 signals into the correct voltage levels for the K-line and also has a L-line output .

    Im running a test bed with a climate control computer from a renault clio wired up next to my computer to get that working first before move on to the ECU and so on.

    Everything seems to be up and running okay but i cannot communicate with it no matter what i try.

    Im using the address 29 since i belive this is what the address is for the climate control computer plus its just on the K-Line only since there is no L-line on it.

    I have tryed fast init with the 25 ms drop then 25 ms high followed by ... 81 29 F1 81 1C i have also tryed it with the functional address of C1 and tryed both at speeds of 10400 and 9600 with no luck.

    I have tryed the slow init again with no luck .

    My hardware i made communcates with some old ecus i got from renault again over there K-line but they just stream data so im pretty sure my hardware is okay and ive gone over it and the voltages many of times cant find anything wrong.

    So was wondering if any of you guys have any ideas to what im doing wrong or what to try next or what im missing ??

    Cheers for any help Tom .

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    Ahh i got a response this forum must be good luck !! just need to work out the keywords i sent and recived this ....

    all in decimal
    129 41 241 129 28
    131 241 41 193 208 143 189

    i guess 208 and 143 so D0 8F is the keywords ?