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Which product for 2009 Ford Escape Hybrid

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  • Which product for 2009 Ford Escape Hybrid

    What is the best tool and software for my vehicle, which am I going to get the most information out of? I'm reading a lot of these posts and a lot of the things being discussed seem to be over my head :-(

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    What is your end goal?
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      Our ScanXL + Ford Enhanced should get you a lot of vehicle-specific information, including Hybrid data. If you have any specific questions about the stuff over your head, we'd be glad to try and clear them up.


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        I really just want to have similar screens to those available on the Hybrids with the factory navigation, instant MPG, stuff like that. The ability to reset and trouble codes would be nice as well.


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          You could create a DashXL skin set for ScanXL that does all of that, except the navigation. Our DashXL rendering system is very powerful, and should be able to re-create almost any factory in-dash look. Go have a look at and see how some of them look.


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            we have just added hybrid error codes to mobilscan. for a general note the data / sensor parameters for hybrid is included in obd so we and other fully obd comp systems should give allot for the data