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What to use for a CRDi diesel to measure instant MPG?

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  • What to use for a CRDi diesel to measure instant MPG?

    I have Suzuki CRDi diesel (running rebadged Fial multijet 1.3L). Is there any way to measure the instant FE?

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    Our DashCommand software will calculate instant and average fuel economy for a diesel, if the apporpriate PIDs are supported by your vehicle (and your vehicle is OBD-II complaint). Go check it out.


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      You may try hobdrive trip computer.

      Recent versions includes universal method to calculate MPG (both instant and trip-average) on diesels. It may require some calibration, but for many modern diesels it works great. It doesn't require a specific 'fuel consumption' PID to be available on your vehicle. Just be OBD2 compatible.


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        I've used Dashcommand (Windows), Hobdrive (/hobd) and at least half a dozen other OBD SW and the most accurate MPG results for CRDI diesels were from /HOBD and Torque (android; paid version). BTW I drive a Hyundai Tucson CRDI. Have tried on a few other CRDI engines as well with good results.

        PS: Don't have personal experience with Fiat MultiJet engines, but I've heard that Fiat Multijets are a tough nut (some custom protocol) and I'm yet to see a consumer grade OBD software which talks to MultiJet ECU's reliably. If nothing works, please have a look at
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          Scangauge E didn't work

          I tried a SG E and it didn't work. I tried forcing all the protocols but it didn't got connected . As the service manual of the car it uses ISO 9141 protocol and the ECU is made of Magneti Marelli.


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            DigitalVampire, that other software shouldn't be able to get information any more accurate than DashCommand does. Would you be willing to work with us to improve it?


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              there are different ways. mobilscan does provide mpg very soon in our green version.