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Bluetooth OBD2 on a Renault

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  • Bluetooth OBD2 on a Renault

    Hi folks,

    I have been struggling with this problem for the past few weeks, and now that I have stumbled upon this forum, am hoping somebody will be able to guide me.

    Well, I purchased an ELM327 bluetooth dongle from ebay, and am hoping to use it with Torque on Android.

    My car is a Renault 2007 (the model is called 'Logan' in this part of the world).

    The adapter readily paired with my Android, but the software, which scans for all protocols, says there is no communication between the adapter and the OBD2 connector. I know the OBD in the car works, because I have seen it being used in service stations.

    So, I opened up the adapter, and found that pin nos. 2,4,5,6,7,10,14,15,16 are used. On the OBD connector in my car, pin nos 1,4,5,6,7,14 and 16 have a metal pin. Which indicates, pin no.1 (specified as manufacturer's discretion), is not read by my OBD2 bluetooth adapter.

    Does anyone know the significance of this pin in a Renault? Could it be that this is some kind of enabling pin that needs to be grounded (or pulled high) for the car to start transmitting data on the connector?

    Any advice here would be highly appreciated, folks!!


    Anand Dhuru

    Please excuse me if this posts twice; I'm new to this forum, and my first post on this subject did not seem to show up.

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    Logan are quite common in France. If you take a look on our vehicle listing ( you will see these cars work in KWP, so PIN 7 and 15 of the connector are used for standard OBD.
    To get communication you should try to start your engine, sometimes you have to with Dacia/Renault brand.

    About "manufacturer pin's", I guess there is another K/L lines for ABS.

    Hope it will help you


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      Thanks so much for the fast response, and the very informative link. My car is indeed listed there, as the Dacia Logan 1.5dCi. But, surprisingly again, pin no 15, which you suggest should be used, is left unpopulated in the car's connector!

      Still going around in circles, I'm afraid


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        The pin 15 is the L line of the K/L based protocol. This PIN is optional.
        The PIN 7 is suffisent to say that your vehicle is KWP compatible.

        Your Logan should work, there is no reason. ;-)


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          A quick search on your name shows you're from India? Correct?
          Is there any legal obligation for the car to comply with OBD2 (or EOBD)? When not chances are they do not comply.
          You have seen the OBD work, but was that with an OBD2 reader or with the factory protocol?