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  • Diag select help request

    Hi to all

    I am new in this forum. I want have a car diagnostic tool.

    Please help me for have a good free or price software for car diagnostic.
    Please tell me :

    What software PC base ?
    What interface ?

    Does it use for all machines? Does it completely able to solve all error?

    I am wait for your reply.

    Thank You

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    What do you want to use this scanner for? One specific vehicle and only engine? Or all vehicles and all systems? (Abs, Airbag, Airco, etc., etc.).
    What vehicle(s) are you asking it for now? And is this for private use (your own vehicle) or professional use?

    A scanner will never solve problems. The guy using the scanner will have to interpret the data and make the decision what to replace/repair.