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  • OBD connecting help

    Hello, I'm having issues connecting my laptop to my car to view OBD codes and what-not.

    I ordered this cable online a few weeks ago.

    It came with a disc that had a software called "VAG-COM" which appears to be a VW software which won't work since I have a Toyota and also because it doesn't seem to want to work on Windows 7.

    I downloaded this software from this German website since it was free but I don't understand how the wire works with the software since it won't detect it.

    Does anyone have any ideas on how I can get it to work with that software and/or have any kind of free software that may work with the wire.


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    Well it doesn't list Toyota as one of the compatible car models.

    However you would think that all OBDII would be equal, guess it's not.

    Thing with that site is it tends to sell cheap chinese knockoffs, so it's always risky getting stuff from there.


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      Even if Toyota isn't compatible on the site I don't see how the cable will not work with other cars. The only reason that they put the listing as VW cars only is because the software on the disc is meant for VW cars. I'm just trying to find a software that will find this cable since the german software I downloaded would not find the cable.


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        Well, it looks like it's compatible with VAG-COM and ISO9141-2. If your car is neither of these (Which, being toyota, I would assume it is not), then the cable will not work. There are several different protocols for OBD2, you have to get a tool that works with your specific protocol. Any tool that says "ELM327 compatible" will be able to talk to any OBD2 vehicle on any protocol.

        My suggestion: Return that tool, and buy an ELM327 compatible tool. sells some really nice ones, or you can buy another from dealextreme and throw the dice again. It's a gamble buying the cheap clones, always.
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