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Need Help Soon with OBD and willing to pay

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  • Need Help Soon with OBD and willing to pay

    I am in the process of swapping an LS3 in an E46 M3, I am not going to use the stock cluster as it is way to much work. I am going to be using after market fuel, speed, tach, temp gauges now in the middle of this I would like a 2.5" vertical touch screen if possible in between the speed and tach. A super fast booting computer low storage that i will only use for car stuff and display only on the 2.5" screen. I have a dynavin unit for my audio needs so no need for that.

    I would like this to remain a black screen once booted up aside from reading the turn signals, high beams, check engine light, oil level, oil pressure. Basically have warning lights just like a regular car. The reason I want it touch screen if possible is say the check engine light comes on and I touch where it is at I would like it to display what is wrong such as the code thrown and a description already pre loaded. The illuminated display has to look extremely professional as I wouldn't have it any other way. If anyone is interested in writing the software and designing a semi cheap computer with os email me. I should be looking at getting this done very soon.

    I may want other things incorporated but havent totally thought them through.

    Personal email [email protected]

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    For any engine logging or displaying (data or codes) check with the manufacturer of the after market ecu for possibilities.
    They sometimes vary.


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      Jesus man, that sounds like a serious project either way. Please please post pics here if you get this set up. Sounds like it would be sick if you did.