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standalone gauge integration.....any help/direction?

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  • standalone gauge integration.....any help/direction?

    I have been searching without a lot of luck....but here is what I would like to do.

    I would like to input into the computer sending units...whether they be pressure, temp, pulse (vss), etc. A lot of these sensors work off something like a 0-5v range....and I'd like to have the computer basically read it, and with a program, put it into values that I can comprehend quickly.

    It would be like a HKS CAMP system.

    Not that it matters a whole lot, but the car is obd1, so a obd2 scan style program won't really work.
    Unless I source an obd2 computer/sensors...and run it solely as a gauge system.

    Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

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    The Fusion Bran is capable of reading sensors, so you could use that to read input voltages. There are a couple programs on the forums I believe for showing fusion brain voltages on a gauge display, There is one of them. Out of curiosity, what kind of OBD1?
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      Hey, thanks for the link. Looks at the least like a good start.

      The car is a 93 honda civic. Most tuning programs (I am using ectune) do not have the ability for many inputs. I am wanting to eventually monitor pre/post intercooler temps, exhaust pressure, exhaust gas temp, crankcase pressure, oil temp, oil/fuel pressure.

      There is probably more, but its a decent start. Now I have to find reliable sensors that don't break the bank.

      Thanks again!