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2005 Mazda6 obd2-CAN problem.

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  • 2005 Mazda6 obd2-CAN problem.

    Okay so a couple months I bought a cheap obd-2 USB reader from China. Well I can hook it up to my car and read CeL codes but I can't view my rpm, MPH, MPG, fuel to air and stuff like that. When I try to view it everything is going haywire and jumping all over the place.

    I then tried it in my girlfriends 2006 Mitsubishi eclipse GS edition. Well it read everything just fine.

    Is there a problem with the obd reader or is there something wrong with my car? My obd reader is a single buffer instead of dual and that's why I'm thinking its the obd reader.

    Edit - Btw my car is a 2005 Mazda 6 2.5l 4cylinder.

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    Any ideas at all?

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      Originally posted by HunterDVincent View Post
      ...I bought a cheap obd-2 USB reader from China...
      Yeah that's your problem. Cheap OBD2 readers don't read reliably from all vehicles, and can often do very weird things. Try a real reader. mp3car sells's obdlink

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        Thanks ill try and get this when I get the money just was worried that my ecu might have been bad.

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