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  • Car Gauge Lite for Android

    Hello Everyone.

    If you are interested in trying out a free OBD II app for Android, it is called Car Gauge Lite Beta. ELM 327 interface is becoming popular nowadays, so I decided to support the Cheapo Brand from Ebay (TOMTOM ELM 327 if I recall. 15-25 Bucks). Basically, I am looking for Beta Testers. It is actually working great with the 2 phones I have tested (Slowest and Fastest Processor) and few of the OBD II ECU(PWM, VPW, ISO9141). CAN BUS is not supported at this time. It is still at an early phase and it might not work for some of you folks out there. If things go well with this app, then I will support most of the OBD II Modes. Right now, there is about 75% of Generic Pids that is Supported, Clear/Read Faults, and Readiness Status is supported as well. If you have the cheap brand ELM 327 by Tomtom then this app is right for you. Those with good quality ELM 327 Interface, I can't say what will happen. I may support those good quality Interface once the App becomes more stable. It is at the Market right now. Thank you for your time.