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Which diagnostic interface di I have?

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  • Which diagnostic interface di I have?

    Evening all. New poster, long-time lurker.

    I've got a decent car-pc built as far as entertainment and basic travel utilities go, but I'm looking to expand into on-board diagnostics.

    The trouble is, my vehicle is a custom built 1994 Ford E-250 (former ambulance). And I can't find out what interface it uses for diagnostics!

    From poking around, I've found BOTH an OBD (hopefully OBD=II?) port, and an EEC-IV port. But as of yet I don't know which one works. Is there a guaranteed (but cheap) way to find out which one I should be using?

    And if it's the EEC-IV port, is there a cable to connect it to my car-pc, and software to utilize it?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Buy a cheap scan tool.

    I would be very surprised if the vehicle supports OBD-II.
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      I would guess it will be EEC-IV
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        Find somebody with a suitable scanner and have them checkout which interface to use.
        Snapon has the name that most of these old cars were covered - at least in the old domestic software.

        Have you looked for the engine ecu? What numbers are on the sticker(s)?


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          I've been looking for it, and have yet to find it. I know the interfaces are both under the kick panels up front (OBD-II on the driver's side, EEC-IV on the passenger).

          Of course, it took me a week to find the oil filter too (under the doghouse inside the cab, instead of where it should be).

          Any idea of where to look?


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            No, I am no expert on these kind of cars, so don't know where the ecu is. Even experts may hesitate to answer, because it's custom build.
            Your OBD2 connector: what pins are present? That might give a clue what protocol is used.

            Trick I often use is to start at the engine and follow the wiring from the injectors. Where is that going to?


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              Do you have this type of conn. in a car ?
              If you have data+/data- pins there, you should have EEC IV with live data capability.
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                I'll check that later today. I DO know that there's wiring running from both connectors up under the dash and into the firewall. But then again, there's wiring running everywhere in this thing. When they decommissioned it as an ambulance, they weren't exactly gentle.


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                  Sorry I've not gotten back to this yet, but catching the flu has knocked me right out. Hoping to get a chance to check it today, if it stops raining.