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Trouble requesting PIDs from EDC16U1 (CAN11bit)

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  • Trouble requesting PIDs from EDC16U1 (CAN11bit)

    Hello all,

    From search to search i`ve come across , hope you can help me and i can help you.

    I`ve made 2 CAN nodes that pass a series of data from one to another. The CAN nodes consist of MCP2515+MCP2551+Atmega16L(1st node)/Arduino(Atmega328,2nd node). The can works ok i send and receive the message ok with no errors.
    After some time i`ve added an ECU (EDC16U1 (just power and CAN wires connected) from an VW Touareg).

    I use node 1 to request the coolant temperature with the following message:

    ID: 0x7df
    Lenght: 8
    RTR: 0
    Data: 0x02 0x01 0x05 0x00 0x00 0x00 0x00 0x00

    But i get no replay from the ECU.

    Now my question is , i`m doing something wrong or the ecu is supposed to send this information only over the K-line?

    Thanks !!

    I have attached 2 txt`s , One only with the ecu sending to the nodes , and the other one the ecu and node 1 making the above request but no answer.
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    I all depends on the model-year of the car (ecu) and in which part of the world you live.
    Can is not mandated by EOBD or OBD2 until 2008, so the old trusted k-line could still be used.
    If you live somewhere in the world where there's no standard required, then anything is possible.


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      Thank you for the replay p2psmurf.

      Well ECU is from the first generation of Touareg , year 2005 , 2.5L engine. Will search to see if the ECU can be diagnosed by can.

      Is my can message to request the PID correct ? I am unsure about the RTR bit, i saw some examples on google and they all where using RTR recessive , tryied dominant too but no change.....