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What is the fastest OBD2 to USB interface?

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  • What is the fastest OBD2 to USB interface?

    I currently have an an elmscan 5, this thing is super slow. I want something that has little or no lag with dashcommand. Ive been looking into the MX however I dont like the fact it is bluetooth, is there a USB interface that is comparable?
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    The OBDLink is a very nice tool, and significantly faster than anything else I've found out there (sans MX, can't afford one so I can't say about that).

    Keep in mind, it may be slow in part because of your vehicle. My vehicle only gets 3-4 pids per second, no matter what tool I use, I don't get much faster than that.
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      A big part of the delays is probably caused by the cars and also asking for too much data.
      Any other protocol than can is somewhat slow by design.


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        Passive listening to can bus (like ATMA) has only bottleneck in current devices... even MX, advertised as fastest so far works at I believe 115 (or 230, don't recall) kbaud max, while can buses in modern vehicles are at 500 kbps and peak at almost 100% utilization. Some manufacturers are introducing secondary and even tertiary buses so I guess bottleneck will shift from vehicles to interfaces that would have to be able to read and transmit data to host with higher speed.