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    I would like to use OBD to obtain the digital pitch and yaw from my 2010 Jeep Wrangler. Is there any resource where I can see all of the available OBD data for my vehicle? Also, which software and OBD module would be best for this? I do program so I could probably write an app to display the pitch/yaw in roadrunner. I know that the Jeep is recording the Yaw but I'm not certain about the pitch.

    Edit: Oops, it measures Yaw and I actually need Pitch and Roll so this may not help after all.
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    subscribing to this thread as i'm interested to see what you come up with as far as the manufacturer specific OBD data for Jeep.

    if the OBD route proves more work than it's worth, you might go Arduino and use a sensor like this:
    or you could even get your pitch/yaw plus other interesting data from this:

    those sensors could maybe be made to work with the Fusion Brain if you're not into coding Arduino (i don't really know much about the Fusion Brain, just guessing).


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      The more I research OBD I have to agree with you that it's more trouble than it's worth for this purpose.

      I have found a few OBD codes that would be incredibly useful on the Jeep though. "Steering Angle" is critical on the newer JK's because of problems with the Electronic Stability Program (ESP). If your steering wheel isn't perfectly centered then the ESP will activate on highway offramps and slow you down to 15mph and really **** off rush hour commuters. It's even worse when I take the jeep into the mountains which are full of >180 degree switchbacks. So at the very least I will need to get some form of OBD just to digitally center the steering wheel.

      I'm working on installing a 4 camera DVR to record my off roading, but I've found that the video just doesn't give an impression of the severe angles so I want to overlay inclinometer symbols on the video. I'll check out the electronics you suggested and hopefully my soldering skills have improved enough to make them work.

      Thanks for the suggestions.