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Thoroughly confused - maybe a little help?

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  • Thoroughly confused - maybe a little help?

    Greetings everyone,

    First off late me say it's great to be here!

    I hate to beat a dead because I know that this is probably the same old question that has been posted here a million times for those folks that have been using these tools for years now. However, I have been searching everywhere for a tool to buy and am totally confused about what some of these tools can, and can't, do.

    I currently have a Mentor scanner which is updated to 2004. I have spoken with many people regarding upgrading this tool, however, when I look at the cost of the upgrade and what I can purchase as a PC based tool, I believe I would be far better off with a new scan/pc based system.

    I am based in the US and work on everything from domestic to imports (very little European). I am looking for a tool that I can use to do the basic retrieval and clearing of codes in addition to the following:
    - Reading/clearing of codes in the additional systems (SRS, ABS, transmission, etc.)
    - Data logging for all the above systems.
    - Bi-directional connectitivy to all systems.
    - Analyze PIDS

    These would be the basics of what I am seeking, however, in time I want a tool that I can upgrade as I become more fimiliar with the functionality of the tool. Such as resetting radio codes, security system reset/analysis, etc.

    I have seen that an Elm might be a good choice to start with? And then eventualy upgrade to J2534 connection.

    Is there a software application that would provide this functionality with the ability to grow as my experience does?

    Let me just say thank you in advance for any input offered.