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ECU( OBD) translplant. possible?

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  • ECU( OBD) translplant. possible?

    so, my obsession the several months is to make a digital speedometer using dash command. unfortunately this is proving hard, since my car, although it has diagnostics, it dosent have OBD 2. (And as i see, the diagnostics dosent include speed/fuel readings).
    My only achivment so far, was o completely break my gauges, and now i dont know how much fuel i have
    BUT, i was wandering. is it possible, to strip from another car that has the proper OBD, all the parts required for the diagnostics? like the ECU, sensors (witch as i know are quite universal and fit many cars), and use them on my car, as a second brain, just for monitoring? i am not intersted in tweaking, or fault codes.. i just want to be able to get readings for fuel/temp/speed/torque.
    any ideas, where and how to start??

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    It's called piggybacking. Hopefully the new ecu will read whatever sensors you want to read. if you have to say add another speed sensor that can get tricky.
    Chris Krug
    owner, turbine minivan


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      cool yes. one word can make such a difference thats about it! only i am not intersted in tuning... only reading!


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        what car do you have ?
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          Originally posted by SAScooby View Post
          what car do you have ?
          audi 80 b4. 1.6 lt. it uses the kw 1281 protocol, but as i can see it only has sensors on the engine!!
          (although at ebay, i can find sensors for audi 80 for prety much anything.) and i am prety sure, that on design, audi a4 or a5, sensors would fit. (At least the simple ones)!