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Can not seem to get the Voltage readings

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  • Can not seem to get the Voltage readings

    I am using the ELM327 and I can not figure out how to read the voltages of the oxygen sensor etc..I am using scanmaster software full version. I click on read in the oxygen sensor tab and it just keeps coming back NA all the way down the list..
    Please any help would be greatly appreciated.. I am also driving a 2001 Nissan Altima and trying to fix a P0138 code.. I can clear the code whenever the light comes on but other then that I am not getting much info and wanna know the volts of the 02 sensor since its throwing a code.

    Thanks in advance to anyone who replies!!!!!

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    The tab Oxygen Sensor displays mode 05 data - which are test data like minimum and maximum voltage.
    Mode 05 is not available when the vehicle is communicating over Can. Then this data is in mode 06.
    You need to look in live data (mode 01) for the actual voltage of the oxygen sensors.


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      Alright thanks for the reply. Does it matter if I start the car first then hook the scantool up or should I do that before starting the car. I'm gonna try this after work today and hopefully I have success.


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        Officially it shouldn't matter when you connect the scanner.
        However, when possible I always connect and disconnect the scanner with the ignition off for safety.

        Don't forget that the oxygen sensors when cold don't give a signal. They need to warm up.
        Also the engine when really cold will not enter closed loop regulation - See Pid "Fuel system".