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  • Remote Tuning and diagnostics

    so, I know how tuly pointless this really is, but its something I can turn into a project, so here we go. logmein has too heavy a lag to be used as a real solution, but win7 remote desktop works awesome. I can start my car, go sit down on the couch in the living room, and use my laptop via my win7 homegroup and assume control of my carpc. I can tune my car from my living room sofa, or late at night in bed. almost. my next goal for my build is to not have to go out to my car to accomplish this trivial goal. I need my carpc to be able to wake on lan and control ignition and starter relays. I already own a fusion brain and an arduino nano board. though I still have no real experience with either of them.

    aside from tuning, this is a good project for a lot of carpc owners/builders I think because this also can work with diagnostics. you can wake carpc, start car, or just turn ignition on, and have carputer pull codes, look at data stream, or clear codes all from inside the home, or office, or where ever. another thought I have been considering is trying to have carputer monitor battery voltage, and maybe even interior temps(south florida gets hot and my car is matte black) and start engine by itself to charge battery and cool down interior. it would be like the beginning of ai for my car. but carpc would never be able to sleep, I think.

    which is easier setup and use and better quality? fusion brain or arduino? and has anyone else undertaken a project like this? I am so alone with my carputer here in south florida.

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    these are my diagnostic solutions I bought from snap-on for my career as driveability tech. on the left is my lab scope. the vantage pro. and on the right is the touchscreen solus ultra. they both take pricey updates to stay current. I believe snap-on makes the most powerful diagnostic solution just because of software and troubleshooter.
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      In sleep mode your PC will still be pulling somewhere between 2-4 watts or more depending on the graphics card you are using and other accessories. An arduino should be pulling less and the arduino could be run from its own battery pack if you wanted.

      You would be better served using "Wake on keyboard" or something similar. This would allow you to have your Arduino hooked to a USB port and act as a keyboard and wake your PC from its slumber. Wake on Lan might work but you would have to have your arduino linked via LAN and might not be what you want. The USB port is something you can control much easier as long as you can mimic a keyboard with it.

      You are much better off getting the arduino to control your starter and such. Unless I am mistaken with the fusion brain you will be very limited in what you can do prior to when the PC is fully on. I believe the fusion brain is an accessory to the computer and not the other way around. I could be wrong about it since I haven't messed with one but I KNOW the arduino can be used like this.

      You really want to make your job simpler and use a car start unit that is compatible with a separate alarm. You will save yourself LOTS of work since the car start manufacturers have already worked out all the bugs. I would use DEI units. And as I mentioned before in another thread there may be car starters available that already will start your car if the battery is low or your interior is too hot or too cold. They USED to be available but I haven't looked lately. DEI has some amazing stuff available the last time I looked a couple months back.

      Also, you REALLY should have put your stuff in one thread instead of 3 different threads asking questions about your build....


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        man, I am learning on my nano board still. for that, I kinda wish I stuck with the fusion brain. at least that had better gui and ninja kitty wizard of doom. but my fusion brain became unresponsive and ultimately a paperweight. but I am starting to get scared of this nano board because as I am looking at its detailed specs I am noticing it can only support 40ma ckt. and I am not sure how much this little 5v relay draws. but 40ma is not a lot of current. I think I need a bigger arduino board for a real application


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          You might want to look at the phidgets line. They have api's for most languages. You might be able to do what you need using the web service. Maybe their SBC would be the perfect item. Just my 2 cents SNO


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            You may want to look at other peoples projects. There are arduino "shields" that run relays with code to run them. A car start unit might be able to be triggered directly from an Arduino since it is just a digital trigger. You may need to get a full sized Arduino that is compatible with different shields and go that route. It will all depend on the arduino combination you are using and what car start unit you use.

            All depends on what direction you want to go. You are much better off using the Arduino and getting it to turn on your PC than the other way around if you can because an arduino generally is pretty much instant on and can do what you want immediately where as a PC has to be booted up or activated if in sleep mode or hybernated. You may also find devices work smoother with a standard windows PC when it boots from scratch or you might get lucky and find components that wake up well from sleeping. I have never personally had much luck with sleeping components. Even if I have my computer wake from a sleep 20 times successfully the 21st time it fails and requires me to reboot ticks me off.

            Using a device such as an arduino allows you to have a program running in the arduino separate from the PC but you can still interface the PC to it to allow the PC to take over control of the process if programmed this way.

            I will state again that you may find this project very challenging unless you have a programming background or have someone that can write software for you since there is no true out of box application that will do all you want.
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              i was hoping to use microcontroller to also control ignition and starter. it would only use 2 digital outputs, and an input for brake pedal, and tach. but i like the way arduino is looking. i am interested in the Bluetooth shield, and unlocking doors and starting carpc from my phone. i have also seen the vr shields. i would so love to be able to tell my car to unlock, and to start, and just do away with keys and alarm remote. but i am not good in an "arduino environment", yet. and i do not have a history of programming. so i'm a little sketchy at writing shetches.