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HPtuners vs AEMtuner

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  • HPtuners vs AEMtuner

    HPtuners is a tuning solution for gm oem ecu's. as you can see it has a rather polished gui, and in its own right is a very powerful tuning tool.
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    and this is AEMtuner. software for a universal aftermarket ecu. most of these screenshots are of features you will never see in any oem tuning solution. aem offers individual cylinder fuel and ignition trims, instaed of only using a wideband o2 to collect data to tune with, most aftermarket ecu's will take a wideband o2 input, and the ecu will be able to stay in closed loop for longer periods. using o2feedback to keep the motor fueling right outside the 14-15:1 most oem ecu's can see. and the blue line being drawn across the map is called live tracing. it shows in real time exactly what cell the ecu is using. this makes tuning so much easier and accurate.
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