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How to get odb data on pc and send back to odb connector

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  • How to get odb data on pc and send back to odb connector

    I want to get Obd2 data, modify that data on a pc or android, and then send back to a obd2 conector. Is it possibe ? some ideas &or components ?

    The car has an obd2 conector to witch a device is conected, but i want to alter the data that the device is getting from the odb connector, so i need to disconect the device from the obd, connect something to that odb port for manipulating the data (via pc or android) and send back the manipulated data to a obd conector where i will connect the device, so the device will get modified - altered data.

    How can it be done ?

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    what is that device connected to obd? Is it company vehicle monitoring system?
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      What data do you want to alter?

      Are you looking to tune your car through the OBD port?
      Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
      How about the Wiki?

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        Hi, the device is getting some data, the speed (KM/Hr) and distance, etc..
        I want to alter that data, so as an example lets say the car is running at 100KM/Hr., i want to alter that, multiply e.g. per 1.2, so the device think the car is at 120KM/hr
        So i think ineed to get the data fom the obd port of the car, modify using a pc or android, and get back to a odb connector (pc > to odb conector) where i will connect the device, so the device will read modified data.


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          Good luck.

          You want to reinterpret data via the OBD, which is gonna be almost impossible.

          If you want to phony up data, the best way (IMO) is to change the way it is generated.

          Speed and RPM are pulse generated, so you need to find those and futz with them.

          You might be able to change alogs that determine the values inside the PCM via TECHII or some editor, but it will not be "selectable" in the manner you envision.
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            If that's the only data you want to mess with, some of the tuners are capable of this. It's designed to adjust for non-stock size tires.
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              You should be able to accomplish something like this as long as the add on unit doesn't incorporate its own accelerometers, gps or other "tamper detection" systems.

              What you will need is a small pc or embedded computer with 2 ODBII interfaces. One interface goes to the onboard system and the other goes to the logging module. Basically this would be considered a "Man in the middle" hack. Basically this computer would intercept all ODBII information and pass it back and forth as needed but would modify those items you want to not have logged. One note, if the creator of the logger was smart they have other checks to verify the data is accurate and not corrupt. Such as checking the MAP or MAF sensor readings.