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ELM and Land Rover Td5 defender

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  • ELM and Land Rover Td5 defender

    Hello everyone,
    I have a Land Rover Defender 2002 with a Bosch ECU reference NNN0000 120 and td5 engine.
    On the other hand , I have a Chinese ELM327 1.5V (peak ic) in USB connection .
    I discovered thanks to your forum it was possible to manually control the ELM from control lines ( AT Commands ) from Hyperterminal software (windows) or others.
    I get to talk to each HyperT and ELM . So far so good.

    The defender has an OBD socket and the ECU is connected to pin 7 of the socket.

    A friend who happens to interact with an Arduino board gave me the boot sequence following dialog :
    It sets the line HIGH for 300 ms , then LOW for 25 ms , HIGH for 25 ms and then
    send at 10400 baud init the frame :
    81 13 F7 81 0 C
    This is the only frame That Is not Preceded by the length .

    According to this information, and after much research , I deduced that the init sequence came from the ISO 14230 standard ( derived from KWP2000 on pin 7 ) . I have a confusion about whether it is fast or slow init . What do you think about that ?

    So, I tried a number of AT commands with the only response BUS INIT: ERROR ! !

    Furthermore, According to my readings , I have a problem delay between wakeup sequence and sends the word 81:13 : f3 : 81:0 c .
    This friend also tells me that the ECU is not OBD , it was imperative to reading pids by localidentifier . Communication is blocked by a system of seed / key .

    So at first , I look with my ELM327 to reproduce the sequence of init to at least have a positive response. Can you help me?
    Given the notion of delay, HyperT Is the software suitable ? Or is there a programmable console with timers ?

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