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Checking Transmission Oil Temperature With Obd Fusion App?

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  • Checking Transmission Oil Temperature With Obd Fusion App?

    Hey guys,

    I am going to replace the automatic transmission fluid and filter on my 2002 Jetta MK4 and since the fluid level checking procedure say the oil has to be between 35C to 45 (95 to 113F) I want to know if the OBD FUSION APP can tell me the temperature.

    Or how can I add this gauge


    Now start the car and go into the transmissions data blocks under transmission with
    your VAG-Com and go to block 005, this will display fluid temp.
    -ATF temperature not above approx. 30C (86F)
    -Vehicle level
    -Selector lever in "P"
    -If ATF is below 30C (86F) bring the ATF up to test temperature.
    Test temperature: 35C to 45 (95 to 113F)
    -Remove ATF level plug from oil pan.

    If ATF drips out of hole:
    ATF need not be topped up.
    -Install new seal on plug and tighten to 15 Nm11 ft lb).
    ATF check is completed.
    If ATF does not drip out
    -Remove plug from filler line.
    -Fill with ATF until ATF runs out of level hole
    -Install new seal on plug and tighten to 15 Nm (11 ft lb).
    ATF check is completed.

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    I'm sure it can but IMO it's a total overkill, especially considering how rarely it's done (for some modern vehicles changing tx fluid isn't even specified!).
    I doubt that tx fluid levels are that fussy but a drive and feel test should suffice.
    Otherwise a thermometer or $10 digital thermometer.

    And if the VAG-Com is reading vehicle data to get the temp...


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      I am a Volkswagen Technician and will answer you Honestly. Please do NOT service the fluid in your 4 speed AG4 transmission. That specific model of transmission has been a rotten egg since its induction in 1993/4. If it is not leaking (low fluid) then I would NOT replace the fluid nor the filter. IF you do, you will be removing all of the clutch pack material which is floating around in the fluid (this is allowing soft smooth shifts) and once that material is gone, the distance bewteen the clutch disc's and metal disc's (inside) will be greater and now the shifts will be noticably harder. Then the next step is internal failure of more clutch disc material and ultimately complete failure. I have seen this same thing happen more times then I care to admit. There are ALOT of dishonest people who will tell you to change your fluid just to make a buck off of you or because they "hear thats what your supposed to do". Did you know that in your Owner's Manual states that the Automatic Transmission fluid is LIFETIME fluid? So why would they recommend it unless there was a leak?
      Anyhow, to make it short.... Do NOT just change the fluid unless there is a problem or leak.


      10 Years Volkswagen and ASE Master Technician
      The above quote is from the web and not from me but it makes good sense.
      VW and automatic transmissions are very finicky. I have a 2001 cabrio automatic and in the manual there is no fill plug as the transmission needs to be filled from the drain plug with a fancy machine that really only dealers have that heats the fluid to a certain temperature and then injects the hot fluid into transmission. I think I would research a bit more before making that fluid change as you may be opening up a new can of worms. Just my 2 cents SNO