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Peugeot 306 TD-OBD?

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  • Peugeot 306 TD-OBD?

    Hi All, bit new to all this OBD stuff but here goes,

    I have a N reg 95 model of the above and I have looked through the Haynes manual and cannot find if I have a connection for any diagnostic readouts.

    Does anyone know if this car can be connected to a PC for this purpose?

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    Hi mate,
    1st post here. We have a Peugoet 306 its 3 years old and ours has a plug for the code usb thingy to go in from a laptop. My mate brought a peugeot codes kit from Ebay and he plug it into our car then it brings up the code. I'm not sure yours will have this as its a bit older as you say its from 1995.

    We have an engine diagnostic light come up so I will borrow my mates kit. Last time this came on he took the spark plugs out and replaced them then the light went out and now its back on again! Do you think it could be faulty spark plugs as the code kit didnt directly say what it could be.


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      If a 1995 Diesel has a diagnostic connector than it will be a 2-pin green plug somwhere in the engine bay. Cannot be read with generic OBD2/EOBD readers.
      You would need a professional aftermarket scanner to do this, but those are expensive.

      Can you give more details about the engine? Preferably engine code.


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        Mmm sorry I don't know. How do I find that out mate.


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          Check the vin-number (chassis-number). Could be that the code is in position 6 thru 8.
          It is now, but I don't know if they already used that in 1995.
          Otherwise, ask a dealer?
          Or check your vehicle registration papers. Should be something there like engine capacity.
          Does the engine have a turbo? And if so, does it have an intercooler?


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            Ok thanks.