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    Okay, give me thirty lashes if I'm wrong, but I haven't seen one piece of OBD hardware that comes with a dll so you can "roll-your-own" app on top of their hardware. Am I wrong? I'd really like to buy some hardware that had a solid DLL wrapping up the interface so I could create my own custom front end (In C# for .NET lovers).


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    If you find it let me know, I was looking for the same thing =)
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      i don't know if they have a dll but i know either has some form of api or they have extensive documentation on how to interface to it. in fact they encourage people to write software for their hardware

      the hardware is cheap too.

      get one and write some awesome software so when i get mine i can just use your front end
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          it would be nice to have a dll wouldn't it. Like stated above the does have an API that you can use but I think you have to work with the serial / usb port I believe
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            Well someone has to do it. Maybe instead of a front end, I'll write a dll to wrap up scantool's interface and let someone else (probably more creative) write the front end.