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  • Saab

    Has anybody had any luck with saabs and OBD 1? There is very little information out there.

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    No, but i have a SAAB 9000 and would be very interested in any info peopel have to give


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      anyone get any type of OBD interface working with a 2002 Saab 9-3?


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        I can't answer the original question about older OBD1 cars. You might try looking over at if you haven't already. That is a fantastic resource for Saabs.

        Regarding the 2002 9-3, that car is OBD2 compliant. I believe the 2002 9-3 uses the ISO interface, and the newer 2003+ models of the 9-3 use CAN. I own the obd2allinone scan tool ( and it works great with the 9-5 using the ISO interface.


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          what kind of data are you pulling from your 9-5's OBD-II shumley. Ive been toying with the idea of building another car mp3 player (after a 7 year car mp3 hiatus, yeah , that long ) and Im trying to motivate myself to get back into it. OBD-II data might do the trick


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            On a Saab, you are pretty much limited to the SAE standard OBD2 functions. I have not seen any OBD2 software that provides access to Saab-specific data or features. So basically you get the ability to read/clear fault codes and read the standard emissions-related powertrain sensor data (which includes speed, RPM, temps, fuel trim, O2 sensors, etc.). The only tool I'm aware of that can read Saab-specific data and set vehicle programming options is the official GM Tech2 tool that the dealers use, and it is quite expensive.