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  • aldl help needed

    OK guys im a bit of a newbie and i know that this forum is really only dedicated to obd-II but i just have a few questions to ask about aldl.
    If anyone can help me out.

    First of all i have a (gm) Holden 1993 vp calais 5l v8 which has a aldl conector near the glovebox. All i wanna do is make a cable so i can diagnose fault codes etc etc. I have basic electrical skills so a basic circuit i can folow and build.

    First question is can i use the basic circuit in this web page below ?

    If so will i be beter of to use that one above
    or this one below ?
    I think the efi live diagram will be beter cause i wanna use there software also

    So what shall i do guys will it work and what can i use as a good plug to conect into the aldl conector on my car?
    oh yeah and any help will be apreciated

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      Originally posted by Holden__V8
      Well I don't know if this is what you are really asking, but I spend alot of time on a Corvette forum (for the 82 nad 84 Corvette) and the two guys that run it also wrote this program and it has worked for me, I built the circuit interface and used the software.... It is a first rate system for the Corvetter OBD-1 system....

      Now the software must be told the ECM model you are using, so that may be an issue for you... it may not support your ECM, but you never know... Check out the site... let me know what you think....

      And just FYI, these two guys that made the software are FIRST rate.... the only share a quality product... plus it is free, can't beat that...



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        thanks man
        on the site it says support for
        1227808 VN & VP Holden Commodore
        mines a vp so it should work
        il give it a go tomorow after work and get back to you to see how it works

        I made the cable from the efi live link i posted above and kinda got it to work like my car goes into a kinda diagnostics mode but i think the software only suports up to win2000 and im running xp so i am having comunication problems from the laptop to the car.


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          thanks stacks dug1967
          i got it working with the winaldl
          works like a dream