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Is this Possible with OBD-II data

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  • Is this Possible with OBD-II data

    What I was would like to be able to display is the current MPG i am getting from the current fuel fill up , Is there any way that I can take a reading of the current fuel level and have that compared to the miles gone since the fuel up?

    also is it possible to display speed in a digital numerical format instead of the standard guage output.

    I have not purchaced any OBD-II reader , but i am trying to plan out if I will be looking into this my my final setup or not.

    Thanks in advance for any help anyone can throw my way

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    if im correct you cannot read the fuel level from the obd2 port, so you wont be able to calculate mpg. for the spped yes you can didplay it digitally instead of an analog guage


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      On a ford you can collect fuel level info. I think it is dependant on the OBD-2 reader as far as what is available and also what the manufacturer wants to be able to monitor. There are certain things that have to be made available per the OBD-2 spec, but there are also some things that can be accessed that are not required.

      On a Ford there is a "FuelLVL" pid that can be read as a percentage.
      2005 Ford Focus ST


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        Thanks alot for the great replies .. I am glad that the ford gives that option as that is what i drive. So technicly I should be able to reference the fuel percentage and cross reference that to the Milage reading to get a pretty good guess at the current MPG.

        Thanks again



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          I would think so. Using a Ford WDS or NGS scan tool all the pids are there. It is just a matter of the software supporting those pids.
          2005 Ford Focus ST


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            Most cars support fuel level via obd2 connector. Without looking at the docs, I believe this is in the Enhanced data set (not generic which the Feds mandate for emissions purposes). Not too many scan tools dive into the enhanced data (lots more volume of data / transforms to deal with). There are several here:
            With CAN electrical architecture vehicles starting to come out, there are tons more data availability, but is the only company I know that offers a scan tool for CAN that reaches enhanced data.