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  • OBD-II port

    few noob questions:

    - I have an 04 scion xA and was just looking fro the OBD-II port and I think I found it..4,5,7,13,15,16 have metal pins in 'em so does this mean my car support the ISO 9141 protocol...'m a total noob at this and would just like a confirmation...

    - 'm basically going to be using this for the virtual dash aspect of it and would like to know if my regular TFT monitor w/ RCA input would work just fine as far as appearance and clearness of the gauges

    - any recommendation for the OBD-II interface under $100 that has virtual dash software

    thanks and god bless

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    OBDII software is free.



    As for an OBDII port reader, you might want to look at:
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      I went and bought all three interface boards from . Took about 4 days to get it and was very pleased with their custom software. There is free software out on the web, but not that great. Digimoto software has this 1/4 dragstrip feature, where as soon as you hit the pedal, it monitors your time and speed at 1/8 and 1/4 of a mile. Real neat, but could get some tickets doing it!

      I think the price of one is $74, including their software and cables. You can also use their board with other software out there..

      Good luck!
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