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biult home made obd reader

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  • biult home made obd reader

    Well I ordered a ELM320 chip and biult my own interface and it worked, and now im trying to find software (running XP) that will send some obd data to display it on the LCD (parrallel hd44780)
    So far I have not found anything.
    I know about lcdproc, but thats linux and i have not a clue about linux

    anyone overcome this hurdle yet? or is it true that no windows for this purpose actually exists yet?
    Ford XR6T blueprint 4.0 L twin cam turbo.
    Xenarc 7" touchscreen M10000 Audigy 2 NX
    ITX 120W PS 80gig HD, 256MB Ram, USB wireless internet/LAN
    Griffin Powermate Panasonic DVD-CDW
    Pioneer 5x7 Four way, 2x12 pioneer subz
    600watt 6chan USA audio AMP

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    take a look at Its a open source LCD plugin for winamp.

    VOICES Status : Rework in Progress [||--------](20%)
    Preview Version at


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      You want something for displaying OBD info not Winamp info, right?

      Try this

      It may get you what you want.


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        I there any way to let the program open gauges win on startup so that i can embed it in mediacar? Moreover, there is any way to change gauges display (skin)?
        In-car computing hardware