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Renault Megane 1999 ODB-II

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  • Renault Megane 1999 ODB-II

    after reading this obd section i have been intrigued with the idea of ODB output to my carputer, as it is i have a 1999 Megane Coupe which is almost carputer complete. i was curious so had a browse under the ashtry and then the fusebox and was shocked to see that the OBD exists. (i think)

    after reading roverron's post

    i have decided to purchase digimoto's ElmScan Interface (With Enclosure)
    5th one down at

    i have looked at the pin layout and noticed that pin layouts are as follows:

    Pin 1 metallic contacts (there but not required?)
    Pin 3 metallic contacts (there but not required?)
    Pin 4 metallic contacts (for iso)
    Pin 5 metallic contacts (for iso)
    Pin 7 metallic contacts (for iso)
    Pin 11 metallic contacts (there but not required?)
    Pin 15 metallic contacts (for iso)
    Pin 16 metallic contacts (for iso)

    ISO 9141-2 – The connector will have contacts in pins 4, 5, 7, 15, and 16

    i take my ODB-II is then of an ISO format.

    can anyone confirm that it is the ISO interface i need!
    as i have to purchase from UK.

    thanking you.

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    my friend has a megane on a T plate, ill test my ISO reader on his for u.



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      thanx m8 that would be great!


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        ill have this done by the end of the week! honest! sorry for delay, busy.

        whereabouts in the uk are u?


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          hi im within the m60 , nm there is no need to try it ive taken a gamble and ordered it, im impatient

          thanx though!


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            ok my guess is that it will work. and ur miles away.


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              somebody knows what i need for use obdII for my renault II?? soft and hard?
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                Can you let me know how you get on with getting it working? Id like something similar for my Phase1, although it has an ODB style connector, I've never had it working.
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                  yea digitaldiablo, it didnt work on my mates T reg megane


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                    Cheers anyway. Guess I'll be sticking my cable on ebay then.
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                      I just confirm that works perfect with my Renault Megane year 2000 (ISO interface).


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                        I'm guessing that you've got a phase 2 though, which has a new ECU e.t.c.
                        I've just seen a post that details the pins required for the correct type - I'll have a mooch in the next couple of days at the interface, see what I can see.

                        Does anyone have any information on the original ODB interface? I've searched the net, but everything seems to come up in foreign.
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                          any luck before i run around searching for it.... i got a P reg megane (1996) so im guessing them 3 years arnt gonna make too much differnce (or rather hoping :P )


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                            thecommiser. you got no chance :P


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                              Yeah, fraid so - Mines an R and it doesn't seem to work...
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