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Help: OBD2 Extension Cable?

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  • Help: OBD2 Extension Cable?

    Does anyone know of an obd2extension cable? OBD2 male -> OBD2 female?

    My connector is in an odd place and has a removable cover directly over it. when I take the cover off and plug my adapter in, it works fine, but I cannot put the cover over it, and I am wanting to permanently mount this, so, it would not look too good having the adapter stick out into the passenger side.

    Any ideas? This is on a BMW.

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    here is an idea. Your OBDII has a serial input that plugs into your pc, right? Just get a serial extension cable. My OBDII is being shipped right now. I don't have a serial port on my bookpc, so I got the usb-> serial adapter and will use a USB extension cable if necessary.
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      Thanks for the reply, but, that won't work.

      There is a removable cover which covers the OBD2 port. When I remove the cover to plug the connector in, it (the connector) stick out into the passenger compartment about 3 inches. The way the original OBD2 connecter is situated, it is not possible to permanently mount the autoenginuity adapter. Does this make sense?



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        So why not just unscrew the port and pull it back under the dash then you could hide the whole thing behind the dash?
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          You could make your own extension. Just cut the wires. It doesn't seem very hard to cut into an OBDII wire seing how it only has about 7 wires inside. Besides, the inside wires are color-coded so extending them shouldn't be an issue at all. Unless of course you want to save the warranty on that OBDII unit.
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            I know this is a REALLY OLD thread, but I came across it while looking for an OBD-2 extension cord and I figured someone else could benifit from what I found. I haven't checked the store to see if they have it, but heres a pretty cheap 5ft extention from