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  • Best OBD-II Reader

    Could anyone tell me which is the best OBD-II reader?
    Which ones do you people have and how happy are you with your models?
    Also is it worth it to get the bi-directional ones?

    Thank you
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    S2000 Carputer

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    Isnt the S2000 running on the CAN protocol.. not the OBDII?

    Because if so, you need a CAN unit specifically..

    Edit: might want to check out this thread also:
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    • #3's not cheep though


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        u need to gather together at least 4 interfaces in order to obtain the system that can read all 5 protocols.
        and various soft with serial or keygens...
        And it will be cheaper than to buy "all-read scanner".
        Do you have all the vehicles under these 5 protocols?
        than can help u