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  • Want to get clear finally

    I have SAAB 9000 which is 1992 year of birth. Actually all the SAABs in ninetees up to around 1996 (when Trionic (with ODB-II) came into place) used Bosh LH 2.4.2 Jettronic ECU, which of course is not ODB-II. However it is very similary readable, but just using HP's made scantool named TECH-II. Actually, if you look at the specifications for connector of the LH 2.4.2 you can very simply find both "K" & "L" (I guess I called the right letters) lines present in every common ODB-II interface.
    So, the question is - probably anyone knows, how far is the LH 2.4.2 from ODB-II specification, what protocol it uses, how hard is to emulate the whole thing (I mean TECH2), and get interfaced to it? What product should I use to start experimenting with?