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I want a few OBDII readouts displayed constantly

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  • I want a few OBDII readouts displayed constantly

    Allright, here's what I'm thinking. OBD reading on the carputer is cool. It's nice ot be able ot check fault codes and reset them and that general sort of thing. Plus it's nice to be able to check what my coolant temp was 83 minutes ago.

    But most of the info comming though OBD is stuff that I'd only want when diagnosing a problem or when I'm looking to monitor something specific for whatever reason.

    But there are a couple things that I'd like displayed constantly on the screen. Stuff that I'd like to just start up when the carputer starts and always be displayed.

    Stuff like car voltage (to give me an indicator of the system's power status) or maybe intake air temp. I don't even know the specific stuff i'd want to see all the time yet. But I know there are a few things that I would want more readily available than I get by searching though the full code reading programs for.

    Can such a thing be made? Does such a thing already exist? Is there software that allows you to pick say...RPM's to be displayed in it's own little window that could be started up with the computer?
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    Here is an example of a graph of Battery voltage and throttle position sensor as two examples. Tool used for this was Ease Diagnostics
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      How about outputting it to an LCD display? You could hide it up in the visor and rotate the information. Stuff like "Coolant temp 145 degrees +2/10" where the +2 would be temperature change and 10 would be minutes.

      Coolant: 145 degrees +2/10
      Voltage: 13.4 volts 13.5/12.3 <---high and low
      miles per gallon: 23.4/10, 20.2/5, 19.8 <-- 10 minute, 5 minute, instantaneous

      Stuff like that?
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