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anyone using DynoJet Wideband O2 App?

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  • anyone using DynoJet Wideband O2 App?

    Is anyone using this as a launch app or embedded? I know this is not exactly OBD-II stuff but, for those that don't know the Dynojet Wide Band is used to watch you engines exhaust to see if it is "in the zone" to create the most horse power. Th ewide band is good because it is much more accurate that a stock o2 sensor. anyway, here is the app that the sensor uses. however the sensor box will also connect to a standard electric dash gauge.
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    Randell Kelly

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    I'm using it.

    I think the nicest feature is being able to set the warning light. My truck is running 16+lbs of boost, so I set my light for 12.0 AF, that way if I'm in boost I know that light should be on. It's a nice interface. I can't get the RPM at idle right, but it works everywhere else.

    Still need to hook up the TPS, and MAF voltage.